~ AC&C 2024 ~

Livestream with Acaville

Acaville Plans

You have asked for it and we have delivered! Harmony, Inc. is very excited to offer Area Contest content through our 2023 partnership with Acaville. Acaville will bring your Area Contest into the living rooms, work cubicles, and onto the streaming devices of those who cannot be there in person!

Like with last year’s IC&C, Area viewers are able to pay one time to experience all contests during the weekend. But wait… There’s more! This time around there are options to hear all of those sweet barbershop harmonies across all Area and International contests! Truly, nothing compares to being there in person, but we don’t want you to miss a thing. Visit acaville.org/harmonyinc to check out the different package options, share the information with friends and family that cannot attend. We are excited to offer this amazing service to our Harmony family, and cannot wait for the contests to begin!

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