Generations Chorus

April 2013 AC&C Leominsters, MA
Photo by Matt Avery, Avery Photography, Hudson, MA

Generations Chorus brings family members of different generations across internationals boundaries to sing together every spring at the Area 2 Convention & Contests (AC&C).



Generations Chorus was originally founded in 2004, as the Area 2 Youth Chorus. Its purpose was to give youth members, ages 23 and under, a chance to meet one another, get acquainted, learn and have fun singing together. It was the first-ever youth chorus in Harmony, Inc. also directed by a youth member. When it was discovered that none of the young girls could sing bass, a few moms pitched in and the chorus was born.

The Area 2 Youth Chorus first performed at AC&C 2004 in Montreal, under the direction of Jennifer (Jen) Wheaton. It was an immediate hit. The chorus performed so well and the audience's reaction was so positive that Harmony's International Board of Directors approved founding a Harmony Youth Chorus, which debuted later that same year at IC&C in Rochester, NY. The Harmony Youth Chorus later became known as the Minor Chords.

In its second year, Area 2's youth chorus decided upon a new name: Generations Chorus. Over the next few years, Area 2 invited other relatives of the girls (not just their moms) to participate, expanding the chorus to include sisters, aunts, cousins, grandmothers, etc. Jen Wheaton continued to direct the chorus for the next four years. In 2009, Christina Tramack was named director and continued through 2011 (with her mother, Renee, substituting in 2010 when Christina had a school conflict). In 2012, Samantha Tramack, Christina's younger sister, was appointed Generations Chorus' new director.

Today, Generations Chorus includes mother/daughter teams, "sister acts", three-generation families, plus other combinations of relatives. All youth members of Area 2 (now ages 25 and under), plus relatives of any age (not just minors) can be members. Truly, it is an international, inter-generational chorus.

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